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This year's Annual Conference will be held at Lakeside Ohio, June 7th through 11th. This year's theme is Love in Action: Developing Leaders. Please leave your comments, observations and feedback of the 2009 Annual Conference on this blog.

2009 Conference in general

I wanted to let everyone know that this was my first year going to Annual Conference and I enjoyed myself so much that I would have like to stay there longer! I am looking forward to next year if I get to go. As Laity I think that when you can go you should. You come away feeling rejuvenated and it also makes you feel and want to do so much for your church regardless if it is a big church or small church.

The Worship service on Wednesday was wonderful. I enjoyed being able to see my pastor get commissioned as an Elder. What a wonderful time.

The African Children Songs in print

I played them several times to get the words, but would like what songs they sang and the words. Our children would love this?

Conference Videos

Great videos! Is there any way to download the videos and hand carry them to our church's multimedia computer? Linking won't do us any good because that computer is not on the internet. I'd really like to use these videos in my Annual Conference report THIS SUNDAY.

How to download videos

I'm sorry I did not see this comment until today.

The videos were not intended to be downloaded initially, but there is a way to download them.

1) Go to http://westohioumc.blip.tv/
2) Click the video you want to download on the right
3) Under the video, click the link titled “This Episode’s Permalink”
4) A new page loads, scroll down below the comments section and click “Download”
5) You will download a .flv movie file, which will either need to be converted to a more common format such as .avi, or you will need to get a flash video player like the free Applian Video Player - http://applian.com/flvplayer/download_flv_player.php
6) Then the .flv video file can be played back

Glad you enjoyed the videos.

Mike Slaughterteaching

If there is any way that there is a copy of Mike Slaughter teaching from Wednesday I would like to have one.

Missing Annual Conference-2009

I love all of this "techy" information available. In the past, I have been a Lay Delegate as well as a Preacher's Kid and have thoroughly enjoyed Lakeside. That time has come to an end and I have passed the torch on to someone else to serve as Lay Delegate. I miss it very much this year and this has been a great way to stay connected. I shall return to Lakeside for a leasure visit in 2010. God bless all of you for serving in various capacities for the United Methodist Church.


First Time here have been at the park many times but never here. Its great and the fellowship is even better.

The UMC Rocks!!! So lets roll on the change we had on 4 Nov. 2009 at 11PM.

The Internet Cafe was such a help to me seeing my roaming service didn't.

Health Care

I want to give a shout out to the West Ohio on Recommendation #1 - HEALTH CARE!!!!

As the head of the United Methodist Men of Keys of the Kingdom UMC we have had this issue in our sights since 2005 when we started the 100 Male March in July and followed it up with our Promise keeper brothers.

Now in 2009 the West Ohio Conference has come on board and we look forward to developing a national demostration of universal health care for 20,000 households with strategic partners like McGraw Daniels, the National Fairness and Growth Camapign, Cincinnati Change, IBM, CDW and the Christ Hospital.

President Obama has urged Congress to act on health care legislation. His plea was for lawmakers to act now, or the opportunity [estimated at 1.5 trillion 2009 dollars] will
be lost: "If we don't get it done this year [2009], we're not going to get it done."

On June 27, a nationwide health care campaign will be held, and President Obama's organization, Organizing for America, has invited volunteers for a meeting to describe the effort.

If interested please contact us -

internet cafe

I want to thank you for providing a place for us "techy" people to connect and keep current with our people at home. I would like to say that this is very nice and hope that you keep it for next year and the years to come.

I would also like to ask that we "wire" the auditorium so that we can take notes and research as propositions come to the floor.

Loved the internet cafe! It

Loved the internet cafe! It would be nice if there could be a separate area where the video of the meeting isn't played. Another option might be to have a bank of earphones for those that want to listen, and those who don't.

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