2010 Annual Conference at Lakeside, OHJune 7-10, 2010

Thursday, June 11 News

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Written by Lisa Streight, Director of Communications

Photography by Benjamin Derkin
LAKESIDE, OHIO: The schedule for the last day of annual conference is always a work in progress as last minute business is intermixed with important presentations yet to be made. There’s also the desire to complete the day as early as possible so everyone can return home and recuperate from the long week of work.
Thursday began with the West Ohio Conference Leadership Team report. Members of the leadership team were introduced and Dean of the Cabinet, Rev. Dr. Randy Stearns, gave the report focusing on the team’s key goal of supporting local churches in the development of partnerships. Each District Superintendent spoke via video of the important partnerships already developed in their respective districts. Rev. Stearns highlighted the value of partnerships to strengthen struggling local churches and to successfully move to an outward bound missional focus. He stressed how important it was for local churches to remember that they are not alone and should move from a silo mentality to one of cooperative mission with other churches.
Following the Leadership Team report was the Fixing of the Appointments and Nominations Report. Rev. Wade Giffin asked members to approve a list of new conference committee, team and board leaders prepared by the Nominations Committee, and to continue to make suggestions for new additions.
Rev. John Wagner, Jr., along with a team of conservative, moderate and progressive conference members, then reported on their findings over the last year during several trips to the West Bank. The Divestment Task Force team members had life changing experiences while observing the resettlement and treatment of the Palestinians, many of whom are Christians. The Divestment Team emphasized how important it was for West Ohio members to hear their eye witness reports of the devastation and tragedy this forced resettlement has created in the lives of families. 
Debate and discussion, led by Rev. Roger Grace, lasted over an hour for Recommendation #6, Ministerial Sexual Ethics Policy, which recommended passage of a revised sexual ethics policy.  The current policy was written in 1997.
Members discussed and acted on two recommendations as follows:
  • Recommendation #6:  Ministerial Sexual Ethics Policy (Passed)
  • Recommendation #7:  Encouragement To Respond To Convictions Related To Modern Times (Referred back to originator for clarification)
Next year’s Annual Conference dates of June 5-9, 2011 were announced.
The Bishop thanked everyone involved with the 41st Annual Conference this year, and a special presentation of a Bruce Ough Bobble Head was made to Char Ough by Rev. Joyce Fry, in recognition of Mrs. Ough’s important role and leadership in the West Ohio Conference.
The 41st Annual Conference was then concluded with closing worship.
If you have any questions regarding Annual Conference, email Tim McCoy, Coordinator of Annual Conference or call 1.800.437.0028 ext. 227.